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Performance Schedule

Performance Schedule~


Jan 4          On the Roxx    CityPlace

Jan 5           Pur Royale      Brighton Casino 

Jan 6           Lynn Theatre  Abbacadabra

Jan 11         It Takes 2        Private 

Jan 12         On the Roxx    Charlies

Jan 19         On  the Roxx   Private 

Jan 20        Pur Royale        Brighton Casino 

Jan 25         On the Roxx    Private 

Jan 26         On the Roxx    Private           

Feb 1           Pur Royale       Brighton Casino 

Feb 6           Solo Show       Private

Feb 8           It Takes 2        Private 

Feb 9           On the Roxx    Palm Beach Equestrian Show

Feb 14         Hal and Di       Private  (afternoon)

Feb 14         Pur Royale      Private  (evening)

Feb 16         On the Roxx    CityPlace

Feb 17         On the Roxx    American German Beerfest

Feb 22         On the Roxx    Charlie's

Feb 23         On the Roxx    Private 

Feb 25         Alex Donner    Private 

March 1        On the Roxx  Downtown at the Gardens

March 2       On the Roxx   Music Under the Stars Retro Night

March 6       Solo Show      Private 

March 8       It Takes 2       Private 

March 9       On the Roxx  Palm Beach EquestrIan Show

March 10     On the Roxx  Private event,  Bahamas 

March 15      It Takes 2     Brighton Casino

March 16     Alex Donner Orchestra   Private

March 22     On the Roxx   CityPlace Outdoor Stage

March 23     On the Roxx   Singer Island Marriot 

March 29     Solo Show      Private  

March 30     Hal and Di     Private

April 1          Solo Show      Private

April 5         On the Roxx   Charlie's

April 6         On the Roxx   CityPlace

April 11        On the Roxx   Wellington Amptheatre  

April 12        It Takes 2       Private 

April 13        On the Roxx   Twisted Tuna

April 17        Hal and Di       Private

April 19        On the Roxx   Village Pump

April 20        Hal and Di      Brass Monkey

April 21       On the Roxx   Meyer Amphitheater

April 26       On the Roxx   Shindig's

April 27       Pur Royale     Brighton Casino

May 4          On the Roxx    On the Edge Bar and Grill

May 10       Pur Royale     Brighton Casino

May 11        On the Roxx    XTreme Action Park

May 18        Hal and Di       Brass Monkey

May 24        Big Dog Band    Das Biergarten

July 19         Big Dog&Little Kitty   Seaside Bar and Grill

July 25         On the Roxx                 Wellington Amphitheater

July 27         Solo Show                     Private  

Aug 3           Duets in Concert  Private    

Aug 31         On the Roxx         On the Edge Bar and Grill

Oct 12         Jimmy Dee Band    Private 

Dec 15         Solo Show              Private



March  7     Solo Show     Private 

March 13     It Takes 2      Private 

March 23     Solo Show    Private



Aug  4         Hal and Di         Private

Aug 11        On the Roxx      Charlies in Stuart  

Aug 12        On the Roxx      Private   

Aug 17        Chuck and Di    Private  

Aug 26       ABBAcadabra    Private  


Sept 1        It Takes 2           Private Sept 2        On the Roxx       Private  

Sept 8        Opening Act       Private  

Sept 15      On the Roxx    Wellington  Amphitheater

Sept 23/27 ABBAcadabra   Royal Caribbean OASIS of the SEAS     

Oct 6       Opening Act      Private

Oct 13      On the Roxx    Tipsy Tiki

Oct 19     On the Roxx      Shindigs PSL  

Oct 20     ShakeDown       Private  

Oct 26     Pur Royale        Private  

Oct 27     Solo Show         Private      

Nov 2      It Takes 2          Private  

Nov 3      On the Roxx    The Venu

Nov 9     On the Roxx    Silverball

Nov 10    On the Roxx      Private  

Nov 12    ShakeDown       Private   

Nov 17    Hal and Di        Brass Monkey  

Nov 18    On the Roxx    Beerfest 

Nov 21    On the Roxx    Tipsy Tiki  

Nov 23    On the Roxx    Downtown at the Gardens  

Nov 24     Pur Royale      Private  


Dec 1       On the Roxx Twisted Tuna

Dec 6      On the Roxx   Wellington Amp

Dec 7        It Takes 2    Private     

Dec 8         It Takes 2     Private 

Dec 11       Tradewinds    Private   

Dec 14      Pur Royale     Brighton Casino

Dec 15       Hal and Di     Brass Monkey 

Dec 21       On the Roxx   Charlie's

Dec 23      Bobby Nathan Band  Johnny Brown's

Dec 25      Johnny and Di   Marriott Hollywood

Dec 26      KC and Sunshine Tribute    Doubleroads

Dec 28       It Takes  2     PGA National

Dec 29       On the Roxx  Tipsy Tiki

Dec 31        On the Roxx   Private